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Welcome to Jefferson Capital

Where Expertise Meets Future Focus

About Us

Jefferson Capital Ltd provides expert custody administration and asset management services for its Principals, using the latest financial technologies

Jefferson Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas

Unwavering Integrity & Transparency

Our unwavering commitment to integrity guides our actions. We believe in complete transparency to build trust and lasting partnerships

Visionary Partnerships

We collaborate with our clients to craft bespoke investment solutions, fostering long-term trust and shared success

Timeless Expertise & Innovation

We leverage generations of experience with cutting-edge strategies, navigating markets with wisdom and foresight

Impactful Returns & Integrity

We value delivering competitive returns with unwavering ethical principles, building a legacy of positive impact for you and the world

“To create the best investment solutions for clients with high standards in search of sustainable growth.”

Our mission
Responsibility & Long-term Thinking

Our team promotes the highest standards of integrity, a deep understanding of industry and consideration of social, ethical, and environmental issues. We incorporate these principles in services that we provide to our clients.

Traditions & Innovation

We pursue and develop the most innovative solutions to our clients’ investment objective while maintaining proven traditional approaches.

Relationship & Accountability

Our team places great value in building relationships and trust. Our partnerships are always based on the best interest of our clients.

Transparency & Engagement

We promote openness, meritocracy and respect towards our team and our ideas. We apply same principles while serving our clients.

Core values

Our Values

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